Textbook Sales

We offer a wide variety of previously owned, refurbished, and new textbooks and workbooks. Our prices are extremely competitive and through our network of publishers and wholesalers we can source virtually any title that is not in our inventory. Browse our selection, add titles to your shopping cart to generate a quote or contact us for pricing and availability.

Textbook Buy-back Service

Don't leave surplus and obsolete textbooks on the shelves! Turn them into cash. Contact us to see if any of your unused books have value. Your school will receive a check or credit for any books that are still valuable, freeing up space on your shelves and giving your school cash or credit to purchase new books and supplies. Contact us to schedule a call with our client services manager.

S.I.T. Program

Don't leave surplus textbooks on the shelves when they can be used for what they were created for! Our S.I.T. (Surplus Inventory Textbooks) Program provides valuable funds by converting your overstock books to cash. Our client services manager will provide an accurate inventory of your surplus textbooks. We will then provide you with a quote for the overall value you can expect to receive for those unused textbooks. Once approved, your school will receive a check for the books or a credit that can be redeemed to purchase new materials from Mrs. Nelson's Book Company.

Receive Cash or a 10% Bonus with Credit

Your school can choose to receive your payment for textbooks in the form of a check or in credit that is good towards any of our services. When choosing credit, your school will receive the full amount of the purchase price PLUS an additional 10% bonus credit. Your school can then spend the credit on buying new textbooks, class sets, Readerbound novels, textbook rebinding, or virtually any book in print.

To apply your credit, contact our office when placing your order or submitting your quote request. Credit is valid for 24 months from the issue date and are not redeemable for cash.

Recycling Services

Remove your obsolete textbooks with ease by scheduling a recycling pick-up. Depending on your location and the contents of your discards, we will either charge a small shipping fee or we will waive the fee. We can provide your school or district warehouse with gaylords, pallets, and boxes to pack your textbooks. All of your discarded books will then be transported to our Pomona warehouse for processing before being sent to a local paper recycling company for shredding.

Contact Us

Do you have a question about our services or need to check pricing and availability on a title? Send us an email and we'll get back to you! Or simply contact us by email or phone:


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